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Treating Bladder Infection with Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Among the many contributions of grapefruit seed extract to the ailing society, treating bladder infection is probably one of the most distinguished mainly due to its naturally antibiotic potency that has proven to be another remarkable find. It is quite interesting on how GSE works on not just one specific health issue but on numerous acute and chronic or even severe health problems.Given that GSE has this distinct taste that you can easily point out, its concentration can be masked by fruit juices and more conveniently, with a nice cup of hot tea. Avoid any caffeinated drink like soda and coffee. Mixing GSE in a flavoured drink is advised since bladder infection treatment requires at least 15 concentrated drops of GSE. Ingesting it in its purest form is not a good idea.

Dosages of GSE highly depend on the age of the person taking it. Here are the hints for taking GSE base on the age. This is intended for GSE in liquid form.
1. For adults, 15 drops of GSE is the usual requirement with a subsequent dosage of at least ten drops every session. This has to be done thrice a day for five to seven days. You will notice changes during the third or fourth day and will completely notice a huge improvement on the seventh given that you have followed the instructions unfailingly.
2. For children, a lower dosage is suggested. Ten drops are required during the first dosage and the following dosages should just be five drops. Also, like the adults, this should be done thrice a day and within five to seven days.

Points to remember when giving GSE

1. Adults may mix GSE with their tea or whatever drink they prefer minus the caffeine and alcohol. On the other hand asking children to take in GSE may be a bit tricky but not impossible. You can incorporate GSE in fruit or milk shakes and in juices.
2. GSE acts as an antibiotic which is why the logic is that a person may feel better on the third or fourth day but that doesn’t mean the treatment can be put to a cease. Like antibiotic drugs, GSE should also be taken seriously so that recurrence and bacterial immunity can be prevented. Seven days is optimum for prevention from an infectious relapse.

GSE taken orally

For those who opt on purchasing GSE in capsules, 100mg is advised to treat bladder infection. This should be taken thrice a day after every meal. It is best to consult with your physician if you are currently taking other medications because GSE may interact with a huge variety of drugs.


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