Treat Ear Infection with Grapefruit Seed Extract

Treat Ear Infection with Grapefruit Seed Extract

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The ear is one of the most conducive places where viruses, fungi and bacteria can breed into. It’s humid and dim – these are two of the main grounds that invaders look for to infest. Once the ear itches, it’s rather quite dreary not to scratch it or do something to make the itching stop. On the process of ceasing the itch, people tend to result in using items that may cause abrasions inside the ear canal making it more conducive for infection to occur. Sadly, children are more susceptible in acquiring an ear infection than adults. For this reason, it’s just applicable to immediately grasp at an ear infection treatment. Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) is a perfect choice in treating the ear infection even before it gets worse. It’s relatively safer and doesn’t invoke a lot of side effects.

What are the things that you need?

Of course you’ll need to purchase grapefruit seed extract in liquid form. Distilled water, dropper and ear buds are also necessary. Mullein oil is also a good choice to replace distilled water.


  1. Thoroughly mix a drop of GSE with six ounces of distilled water in any clean container. Warm water is better than room temperature water. There is a tendency for the body to jolt upon room temperature water.
  2. Let the person lie down on the unaffected side. Make sure that the person is on a comfortable position, like lying on the sofa or on the bed, since it will take about 20-30 minutes for the entire process to pass.
  3. Use the dropper to apply three drops of the mixed solution to the infected ear. After that, plug some cotton on the affected ear. There might be a slight discomfort, usually some pain or burning sensation. This is a normal response. Do not be alarmed.

Let the solution sit inside the ear for about 20-30 minutes for optimum absorption. This practice can be done twice a day, preferably upon waking up and before going to sleep. The duration can be a couple of days or until the infection has been dealt with.

Additional info

Aside from distilled water, Mullein oil can be used, if it’s available inside your home. It’s actually better than distilled water since it already has ear ache treating properties. Instead of using distilled water in the first step, you can replace it with Mullein oil for a more desirable result. Three drops of GSE can be added to the oil. Mix it well and follow the proper procedure for application as stated above.


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  1. How much mullein oil do you use to 3 drops of GSE? I have a 1oz bottle of Mullein Garlic Ear Oil. Do you add the 3 drops to the whole bottle?

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