Treat Acne with Grapefruit Seed Extract

Treat Acne with Grapefruit Seed Extract

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Grapefruit seed extract possesses the ability to treat a lot of health issues and one of which is acne. Containing anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties, GSE is said to be one of the most effective medication that enables the restriction of acne growth. GSE acts as a natural cleanser that has the capacity to remove trapped oil and dirt within the skin. Clogged pores that cause acne are mainly due to bacterial build-up. GSE has astringent capabilities that dry up the secreted oil which makes the skin vulnerable for bacterial growth.
Over-the-counter acne medications tend to exhibit unwarranted side effects like allergy, skin irritation and sensitivity and dryness. Grapefruit seed extract is naturally rich in vitamin C, its effects on the skin is most beneficial without the worry of catching those horrid side effects. Not only does GSE inhibit the growth of acne but also prevent further breakouts. And the best part is that GSE does not leave residues thereby creating a cleaner and fresher skin. It only takes a couple of minutes to apply GSE on your face for promising results. Since GSE is a pure substance, application requires it to be maintained in a diluted form.

Steps for GSE application

Step 1: Prepare everything. You need warm water, grapefruit seed extract and soft cloth. These three are mainly what you need. On the other hand, there are those who prefer a facial cleanser with GSE.
Step 2: Wash your face with soap (preferably a face washing gel which does not irritate the skin) and water. A clean skin surface is more conducive for treatment absorption. One can also opt for splashing the face with warm water or using a damp, warm cloth to moisten the skin.
Step 3: Rub three to four drops of GSE on your face using your wet hand. Make sure that the GSE diluted well on your wet hand to avoid skin irritation. Circularly massage on the moistened face for two to three minutes. Massaging within those minutes promotes utmost surface absorption. As for those who wanted more than GSE, instead of just using GSE, you can incorporate at least 3 drops of GSE with your facial cleanser and do as what was previously instructed – massage with the given period of time.
Step 4: Thoroughly rinse your face after three minutes with warm water then pat dry it with a clean towel. You might notice some minor tingling sensations after washing and drying the face. This reaction is a sign that the treatment is at work which makes the sensation completely normal. You’ll eventually get used to this.
Step 5: Do the routine twice a day – during the morning upon waking up and during the night before sleeping.
Step 6: Repeat the routine daily for optimum results and until the acne has been completely eradicated.
Consult a dermatologist if anything unusual occurs.

What to remember

  • Never get GSE in your eyes. It can cause discomfort much like having soap in your eyes. However, if there are any occurrences, eye flushing with water is the immediate solution. Do this for 15 minutes or until the burning sensation is washed away.
  • Excessive use of GSE, like increasing the drops from three to five, can cause drying of the skin. Make sure to work within the prescribed drops.
  • Aside from acne, GSE is also effective on pimples. This means that aside from the instructions above for getting rid of acne, if you have pimples, using GSE is like hitting birds with one stone. However, you have to directly apply two to three GSE drops in a tablespoon of water on the pimples using a cotton swab. Let it stay for at least ten minutes then rinse thoroughly.
  • While getting rid of acne, GSE also has other contributions on your face. It gets rid of whiteheads, moisturizes the skin (if used correctly), makes the skin glow and basically purifies the skin from other harmful elements.