Top 5 Worst Diseases that Grapefruit Seed Extract can Fight

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It was in 1972 when a nuclear physicist in the person of Dr. Jacob Harich discovered the health benefits of grapefruit seed extract. The culminating event was when he started wondering why the citrus fruit was bitter in taste. His inquisitive mind brought him to study and discover the grapefruit seed down to its core. With the help of renowned researchers, Drs. Wayne Marshal and Steven Otwell, Dr. Harich was able to market grapefruit seed extract as an organic antimicrobial agent that would protect fishes, poultry, meat, fruits and vegetables and even humans from parasites, fungi and bacteria.
The rise in popularity of grapefruit seed extract led to more people being interested on what this extract can offer.

There are studies that show that grapefruit seed extract is effective in the treatment of the following diseases:

1. Asthma

In the world today, there are about 5-10% (an estimated 23.4 million) of the population that is diagnosed to have asthma. In the recent data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), annually there are 15 million disability-adjusted life-years wasted and 250,000 deaths secondary to asthma. These numbers clearly show that asthma is one of the worst diseases of today. Lucky for those with this disease because there have been some studies that claim grapefruit seed extract may have some beneficial effects. These studies show some evidence that taking citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C like that of grapefruit improves lung function in individuals with asthma.

2. Colon Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, this 2014, there will be an estimated 96,830 individuals in the US who will be identified to have colon cancer. The WHO also estimated that there will be about 940,000 individuals who would be diagnosed to have colon cancer worldwide. The other sad thing about this disease is that it can run in families.
In an article published by the Medical News Today, grapefruit seed extract is effective in fighting colorectal cancer cells. Authors of the research conducted at the University of Colorado Cancer Center state that grapefruit seed extracts act better to more mature colorectal cancer cells. Dr. Molly Derry of CU Cancer Center said that, “We’ve known for quite a while that the bioactive compounds in grapefruit seed extract selectively target many types of cancer cells. This study shows that many of the same mutations that allow colorectal cancer calls to metastasize and survive traditional therapies make them especially sensitive to treatment with grapefruit seed extract.” She further claims that, “it required less than half the concentration of grapefruit seed extract to suppress cell growth and kill 50% of stage IV cells than it did to achieve similar results in the stage II cells.”

3. Prostate Cancer

In America alone, prostate cancer remains to be the most common non-cutaneous cancer in males. The American Cancer Society data estimates that there would be about 238,590 new cases of prostate cancer. Worldwide, the incidence rate of prostate cancer differs by 50-fold, with the most numbers found in North America, Northern and Central Europe and Australia.
In a recent study, it was identified that the B2G2 component of grapefruit seed extract is the most active to fight cancer cells. Researcher Alpna Tyagi claimed that they were able to examine the effects of a synthesized B2G2 compound on human prostate cells and that the compound was able to cause apoptosis or cancer cell death with the healthy cells remaining intact.

4. Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the worst diseases that many of the older generation experience is Alzheimer’s disease. It is not only debilitating for the patient but for the relatives, as well. In the June 18 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience, a new research shows that a compound present in grapefruit seed extract is able to reduce the plaque formation and its resulting impairment in cognition. Dr. Giulio Pasinetti of Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that amyloid beta accumulation in cells is prevented by grapefruit seed extract. This results to a block in plaque formation.

5. Obesity-Induced Kidney Diseases

In the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, a study was published that linked grapefruit seed extract and obesity-induced kidney diseases. In the research, it was found out that grapefruit seed extract is effective in preventing proteinuria and high-fat-diet-induced leaky kidney that may suggest the use of these extracts as a preventive supplement for high risk patients.


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