Grapefruit Seed Extract to Treat Giardia

Grapefruit Seed Extract to Treat Giardia

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Giardia is an intestinal disease that is common in pets. Yes, pets. Not humans. At least that’s the statistics within the U.S. If there are any human occurrences, it’s quite rare and the usual victims are the kids. The most common giardia parasite type in the United States is the giardia lamblia.

Contradictions on GSE use against giardia

As of this moment, there is a vast market for GSE. Manufacturers of grapefruit seed extract have conveyed how effective the supplement is in relieving the body of numerous illnesses and conditions either long term or short term. They have also indicated the importance of GSE having an anti-pathogenic outcome which can easily resolve intestinal problems like giardia without any question. However, researchers say otherwise.
Some say that GSE is more of a “back-up” supplement and cannot easily get rid of the condition. Still, anti-parasitic drugs are the best cures out in the market. It is advised though, that GSE be combined with anti-parasitic medications like metronidazole just to strengthen the effect of the treatment. Warnings are also indicated regarding relapses and unguaranteed cure since the potency of GSE is not completely established.
Either way, for those who are curious and are willing to try the effectiveness of GSE against giardia, you will find simple instructions below.

Instructions for GSE use against giardia

All you need is grapefruit seed extract, preferably in capsule or tablet form. The advisable dose is 100 mg, thrice a day. You may include GSE every after meal. As for those who opt for GSE in liquid form, the safest dose is 3-5 drops in an ounce of distilled water. This treatment administration should be done for at least a month and until the symptoms have been eliminated.
According to studies, GSE will be more potent if other ingredients will be included in the course of treatment. Some of these additions are fresh pumpkin extract, black walnut husk, wormwood, oil of cloves and mugwort.

Prevention of giardia

During the course of treatment, you are advised to stay away from, as much as possible, from pets and at times, from family members. This is because the condition is highly contagious. Always maintain a clean environment. Deworm your pets because definitely giardia came from them.

What to expect

Once the treatment starts, you will notice changes once you start flushing out worms from your stool. In extreme situations wherein the parasites already created an entire village inside your intestines, this treatment may lead to coughing up a number of live worms. So it’s better that you prepare yourself for that.
Above all, it is a must to consult with your healthcare provider regarding your treatment aspects and drug interaction especially when using GSE with other anti-parasitic medications.