Sinusitis is a condition of the sinuses that can result from viral or bacterial infection with symptoms such as headache, congestion, sore upper jaw or teeth and in some cases a fever. In short, sinusitis is not fun, and there are many medicines that you can find to help alleviate symptoms and fight the infection that is causing your discomfort. However, there is a natural method of fighting this infection, and it involves grapefruit seed extract.

Fighting Sinutitus With Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is a highly acidic concentration of grapefruit pulp and seeds. The resulting solution is bitter and dark yellow in color. This extract has been used for many different types of infections, and is revered due to its ability to kill bacteria regardless of misdiagnosis. One of the most celebrated aspects of using grapefruit seed extract instead of typical medicines is the fact that it is devoid of side effects.

The reason that grapefruit seed extract has an uncanny ability to destroy bacteria is due to its pH level. It is approximately 2, as a human body’s pH is 7.5. This low pH level creates an alkaline environment for the bacteria and cuts off its ability to replicate and thrive. Many tests have been conducted, and all show that the extract significantly reduces bacteria, including salmonella.
Grapefruit seed extract sinus aid is a solution of water and grapefruit seed extract. This solution should only be used by adults, never children, as the solution can possibly be over-powering and cause negative effects due to its acidic properties. To make the solution, you must mix a single drop of grapefruit seed extract into a cup containing 6 ounces of water. Make certain you stir the extract thoroughly.
To use the solution, you must use an eyedropper. Fill the eyedropper entirely with the extract solution for each nostril. Look up and back as far as possible and release the solution into each nostril. After this is completed, quickly swing your head down and forward so that your head is nearly upside down; this allows for the solution to thoroughly navigate your sinuses. This should only last a few seconds. Allow your nasal passages to drain, not breathing in the solution.
If you have sinusitis and want an all-natural or side effect free treatment, grapefruit seed extract is available at most stores and is simple to use.