Fruits are a delicious source of good health and dietary changes to include this range of nutritive supplements can have long-lasting health benefits. Fruits add variety and interest to bland diets offering a healthy option to calorie rich desserts. Apart from taste, fruits are packed with numerous benefits that have been found to cure diseases.

Over time, the goodness of fruits has been harnessed for medicinal value and their eating is highly recommended. All cultures and societies have tales and traditions woven around fruits to encourage consumption.

Grapefruit seed extract specially has been credited with power against Candidal infection, most importantly; Candida albicans. Candida albicans is a fungus that is part of the normal microflora of the mouth and the gastrointestinal tract of humans. An increase in growth could lead to Candidiasis and lead to thrush in the mouth characterized by a creamy white patch on the tongue. Toes, fingernails and the genital area are common areas of infection.

According to Dr Allan Sachs, grapefruit seed extract can be used to cure Candidal infections, but a week long preliminary Candidal cleansing should be undertaken before consuming grapefruit seed extract.

Candidal cleansing diet instructs complete abstinence from sugar that is processed, meat that is not organic and flour, baked food, popcorn, peanut butter and margarine for seven days prior to eating the grape fruit seed extract. Alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided.After 7 days of the Candidal cleansing diet, the grapefruit seed extract can be included as part of the eating plan. The extract can be consumed as commercially available concentrate or in the form of pills. The Syrup concentrate can be mixed with water and consumed adding 10 drops of the liquid concentrate in water and taken three times daily. Alternatively, 100-200mg- tablet to be taken three times daily.
At the end of 3 weeks the Candida in the body will be removed and this is often associated with nausea, headache, itchiness and sweating.


1)      The grapefruit seed extract is natural and non-toxic and its consumption will not have any cumulative health concerns. The intake by pregnant and lactating mothers has been restricted more as a precaution than as a warning.

2)      No side effects. The extract has not been found to produce any side effects. This is a huge boon as many drugs produce unwanted effects as a result of their use.

3)      The Candida will be removed in 28 days for most people. The efficiency of the grapefruit seed extract is greater than the efficiency of drugs prescribed to remove candida from the body.


The grapefruit seed extract is bitter to taste. This disadvantage is however overridden as the extract is mixed with water and consumed.

The Candidal diet should be consumed and adopted as a way of life so that the outgrowth of Candida is prevented from developing again. In cases where the Candida has not been removed within 28 days, stronger doses of the extract for longer periods of time may be necessitated. This simple and easy diet is an easy to follow process that benefits the body immensely. .

The grapefruit seed extract is, thus, a natural way of cleansing the body of Candidal outgrowth.