Grapefruit seed extract is considered extremely safe and effective product to consume for several reasons, it may act as antibacterial, vitamin and mineral therapy, fungicide, solution for Lyme disease and a list of countless ailments. Its effectiveness has been proven since ancient times and people of all ages use it for several purposes. God has not created anything in this universe purposeless and if we haven’t discovered anything about it yet there is no fault of God in it. Its effectiveness is proven and in low concentration it can be used without any side effect. However, grapefruit seed extract toxicity issues, if used in high concentration are reported, but grapefruit seed extract benefits in little concentrations dominate the reasons to use it.

Grapefruit seed extract has been tried in humans as well as animals and is found to have remedies against many infections of the body. Stomach of our body has acidic pH and infectious agents such as virus, bacteria and most commonly fungi survive and grow as pH falls in the body but grapefruit seed extract increases the pH and make the conditions alkaline after getting metabolized and finally end up in the elimination of these infectious agents from the body.

Another setback that arises after piercing of the mouth and tongue is the danger of oral yeast infections and if you think that you are most susceptible to it then before going for piercing consult your dentist or physician for the treatment of any side effect. Most common yeast infection in human is candida albicans and its infection is called candidiasis. Grapefruit seed extract is one of the solutions for oral hygiene and it is also proven product for tonsil stones.

Grapefruit seed extract has multiple functions in the body including its effectiveness for protein detention within the cells by altering the permeability of cytoplasmic membranes, it interfere with the mechanism of resistance by making disruptions in the processes for resistance and moreover, it is effective against many parasitic infection especially of the digestive tracts.

As far as its safety and dosage is concerned, a recent review elaborate that commercially available grapefruit seed extracts are dangerous if consumed in very large amount and option of having some natural remedies is essential these days because the drugs available in the market are getting resistance against many infections and all the products should be used with directions and dosages written on their boxes.

Conclusively, I may say that grapefruit seed extract benefits are countless and it is a compulsory product of your medicine cupboard. Regular consumption of grapefruit seed extract in lower dosages give body a great assist in fighting against minor internal and external infections.