Acne is not a problem unique to teenagers.  Many adults and youth throughout the world experience acne problems, and there are hundreds of acne treatments on the market.  For those who do not wish to use harsh chemicals or medications, there are natural options.  For example, grapefruit seed extract acne remedies offer a low cost, natural alternative for treatment.
Grapefruit seed extract acne remedies work because the extract works as a natural astringent.  An astringent is any substance which constricts and dries the pores.  The drying action reduces areas where bacteria can breed and helps remove dirt and debris which may clog pores and cause breakouts.
For those wishing to try grapefruit seed extract acne remedies, there are over-the-counter products that can be purchased.  Some products which include grapefruit as an ingredient include Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit and Naive Face Wash with Grapefruit.
Individuals can also use the fruit extract directly, instead of purchasing a product.  To cleanse face with the extract, an individual would wash face gently with water.  While hands and face are still wet, a few drops of grapefruit extract should be applied to skin with finger tips.  Application should be completed with gentle, circular motions that avoid scrubbing.  Face and hands should then be completely rinsed, and face can be patted dry.
When using grapefruit seed extract acne remedies, a person should always avoid contact with eyes or other mucous membranes.  The fruit is acidic, so contact with eyes or open cuts or sores can burn or sting.  In case such contact occurs, users should immediately rinse with cool water.
Using grapefruit seed extract acne remedies is a great low-cost way of treating skin problems.  However, users should note that extract must be purchased separately from the actual fruit.  It is not a good idea to rub a cut grapefruit on acne, or juice a grapefruit and wash one’s face with the juice.  Juice and extract are not the same thing, and misusing the fruit or juice in this manner may actually increase acne issues.