Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure – Grapefruit Seed Extract

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One of the many benefits of grapefruit seed extract (GSE) is lessening the risk of heart diseases which are mainly caused by high cholesterol and high blood pressure. One of the two mentioned causes may have also been the reason why the other cause may evolve and turn into a heart dysfunction. Either way, there are claims regarding the effectiveness of GSE on lowering the risk for getting high cholesterol levels and an elevated blood pressure.
So the million dollar question is – what’s in GSE that can utterly help in preventing the occurrence of high blood pressure and cholesterol which ends up in a drastic and deceitful heart disease? The answer is simple – antioxidants. GSE is overflowing with activated antioxidants that is said to contain cardio-protective compounds which strengthens the capillary and artery walls. Through a likelihood of mechanisms, GSE can reduce plaque formation along the arteries which prevents increased blood pressure.

The diversity of GSE in appealing as a potent supplement in exhibiting positive effects against high blood pressure and cholesterol is still on the verge of critical analysis however, manufacturers are already claiming the effectiveness of GSE against the said disorders. Favorable results regarding GSE acting on the molecular level and basically intervening with the gene transcription in promoting changes like inflammation and cholesterol reduction with the affectivity to the metabolism of triglycerides have been discovered.
The main target of GSE antioxidants are the free radicals lurking throughout the bodily system while assisting in increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL) which is also known as the “good cholesterol” and at the same time reducing its counterpart, the low density lipoprotein (LDL). According to research, flavanoid naringin, a popular reducer of plasma-lipid and an activator of plasma-antioxidant, is present in GSE which made it as a potent cholesterol-reducing supplement.

Although GSE can be taken in its purest form, the taste is unnerving. Which is why dilution is frequently advised for those who are about to take the natural step to cleansing the body from cholesterol and high blood pressure. Dilution can be in numerous forms either in fruit or vegetable juices, distilled water and tea, whereas it is best to do away with caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. Apart from the taste, tissue irritation may be experienced due to GSE’s high potency.

High blood pressure and cholesterol are long-term issues which require medicinal maintenance and food supplements. There are no claims that GSE can replace drugs that are concerned on lower high blood and cholesterol and for this reason, it is still advisable to consult with your doctor. As of now, GSE is suggested as a supplementary addition to aid in preventing further build-up and not as a cure or long-term solution.


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